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CGS3 was a major success!

Andrew and I wanted to thank everyone that came out to participate and support Cleveland’s got Sole 3!  The event was a major success and we are still in awe of what was accomplished that day.  We ended up raising just over $11,000 for the Children’s Tumor foundation which was over our goal of $10,000.  The turnout was amazing and everyone had a great time.  The raffles went off without a hitch and some lucky people got some great prizes.  All of our out of town guests had a great time and some of them even got a chance to go to The football Hall of Fame on Saturday. Overall the event and the whole weekend where a HUGE success!  We want to thank all of the sponsors, vendors, and staff for everything they did to make this event the best so far.  So stay tuned because CGS4 is already in the works!!  Check the link below for pictures from the CGS official photographer Brandon akd @skavb!  Thanks again!

Kevin & Andrew

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CGS Guide to Cleveland!!!!!!

We want to welcome everyone coming into town for Cleveland’s Got Sole this weekend.  Andrew created this “CGS Guide to Cleveland” for everyone to check out while they are here. Make sure to save this or print out a copy.  We will also have copies at the Embassy Suites where CGS3 will be held. Let us know what you think!

CGS Guide to Cleveland

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Cleveland’s Got Sole 3 is almost here!

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The official Cleveland’s Got Sole 3 flier!

Don’t miss out!

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Cleveland’s Got Sole III

Cleveland’s Got Sole III, our bi-annual, purely for charity Sneaker Celebration takes place Sunday, June 24th 2012.

Facebook Event Page:!/event.php?eid=218907658136289

Details to follow…..

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The Commonwealth Sneaker Showcase!!! Sept 11th

Our good friend Corey down in Louisville, KY is having The Commonwealth Sneaker Showcase on September 11th from 12-5. You need to come down and check out this great event/fundraiser. Corey has been working hard to put this together and we are a big supporter of the event. There are a bunch of great sponsors involved and a bunch of great prizes that will be raffled off also. Make sure to look for our table and a bunch of other great tables filled with awesome collections! See you there!

If you want a table make sure to get a hold of Corey ASAP at the following links!!

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Thank you and stay tuned!

Well, it’s been a couple of months and both Andrew and I have been able to get back to our normal routines at work and with our families. We both wanted to thank everyone that came out to support the show, OUR WIVES!, our sponsor Villa, The Lebron James Family Foundation, all the collectors that displayed, all the clothing lines that displayed, and everyone that contributed to the raffle. We ended up having over 550 people come through the door and were able to raise over $5,000 for The Lebron James Family Foundation. We recieved a ton of GREAT feedback from everyone and we are happy that everyone had a great time and were able to come out. Normally, we have this event every other year but with the response that we have recieved it is looking like we will be having Cleveland’s Got Sole 3 sometime next summer. So make sure to follow us on Twitter for any updates on the next event. Our plan is to take it to the next level! Below is a link to some pictures from the show. Make sure to check them out and stay tuned! Thanks again!!!!

CGS Twitter

Check out over 600 pictures from Cleveland’s Got Sole 2!

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We want to thank Matt(aka The Cool Guy or BLUURR) and the crew at Corporate for donating these…… “Mystery Shoes”. It’s killing me people but I promised. LOL! Matt and the crew at Corporate have ALWAYS been a supporter of the show. We work together as a team to represent Ohio by having this event and The Cincinnati Sneaker Showcase on opposite years. Matt and the crew at Corporate are as “real” as they come. Thanks again for the “Mystery Shoes” and make sure to check out all their contact info below.

Check out the website at Corporate

Follow them on Twitter at Corporate

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We would like to thank the crew from UpTempoAir for donating these custom Jordan III’s for the raffle. These have been customized with the UpTempoAir colors and are a size 13 brand new with the original box. The crew from UpTempoAir have ALWAYS been a HUGE supporter of the show. We always appreciate all the help and support they give us. Make sure to check below for all their contact info. Thanks again!!

Make sure to check them out at UpTempoAir

Also make sure to check out the forum at UpTempoAir

Follow them on Twitter at UpTempoAir

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Less than a week away!!

The show is less than a week away so make sure to mark it down on your calendars!! Also, make sure to book your rooms by tomorrow! Tomorrow is the DEADLINE for the discount on rooms!

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